I'm on Kimmy Schmidt!

My episode of Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt has aired!  I was the "Nerd" who incites the riot/orgy in the end of Season 4/Episode 4.  Hair and Makeup ran a comb through my hair one time and said "Yeah, you look like a nerd."  Why fight it.  

Kimmy Schmidt final.jpg

Surprise, You're SAG - Eligible!

A very odd week last week culminated in me booking a job for ScaryMommy, the parenting blog, which had partnered with Verizon for a spot on the Verizon Hum, a new app from the telecom giant that allows your car to talk to your smartphone and run diagnostics, or something.  I don't really know much about cars.  What I do know is that the job went from non-union to SAG the day before shooting, and so I was Taft-Hartleyed as an On-Camera Principle and now am eligible for the union.  So, thanks Verizon! Can you hear me now?

Lucie Pohl: Hi, Hitler

I've been producing "Lucie Pohl: Hi, Hitler" for the better part of two months now, and it's been a wonderful experience.  The New York Times called it "Fun to watch," and called Lucie herself "a delightful racconteur."  All that, plus Woody Allen brought Soon Yi and saw it from the front row.  Couldn't get much more productive (and totally odd) than that.  The show closes 7/30!

"Occasionally Employed" at The PIT

I'm really excited to announce that "Occasionally Employed," fresh off winning Outstanding Variety Performance at MITF, is playing the Striker mainstage at The PIT on March 17th at 9:30.  This show's been a labor of love for me over the last year, where it debuted in a workshop at The Lynn Redgrave Theatre before playing Theatre Row at the United Solo festival, the Workshop Theatre at the Midtown International Theatre Festival, and a homecoming show at Epic Theatre Company in Providence, RI. 

So start your St. Patrick's Day right:  come drink and listen to a black Irish lapsed Catholic talk about all the fun ways he failed on the way to lucking into a job producing comedy.  The show is 3/17 at 9:30.  

Tickets are $10 and available here: http://thepit-nyc.com/event/2017-03-17-david-de-almo-occasionally-employed

"Occasionally Employed" is Directed by Max Friedman and Produced by Rebecca Crigler.

"Hedda Gabler" currently running in Astoria

Because I'm terrible at keeping you all updated, and because I've been a crazy busy person, I also failed to mention that I was cast in Ophelia Theatre Company's "Hedda Gabler" as Tesman, currently running in Astoria.  It's a really wonderful production and y'all should come see it.  Runs through 11/19!