4 Commercials in 6 Weeks

I've been having a great month and half with Take 3 Talent, booking four spots in six weeks!  I'll post in the coming weeks about my spots with WSFS Bank, Aaptiv, Sunoco, and GetGo!  For now, check out the first spot in the WSFS campaign, called "Shedding Light for Nearly 200 Years!" I'm not in it, but it was shot by the same director, the lovely Rob Soucy!

The Webseries Webseries Premiered 8/10!

A hilarious little webseries I got to be a part of last year just dropped.  It's a mockumentary about a group of friends trying to make a webseries and being mostly unsuccessful.  It's charming and it's got a great heart and this non-improviser got to try a few silly things.  Enjoy some highlights below, or go to youtube to see the whole thing!

Sex Object runs 8/2-12!

I'm producing and starring in Sex Object, the inaugural production of my new company Penal Colony, which I started with my co-producer and co-star Kelly McCready!  The play is about a guy who's addicted to porn, and the backwards intervention his girlfriend tries to throw for him.  It's dark, hilarious, and I'm having an incredible time on it.  Tickets still available through 8/12!  https://thepit-nyc.com/events/sex-object/

Photo Credit: Gabriel Baretto


I'm on Kimmy Schmidt!

My episode of Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt has aired!  I was the "Nerd" who incites the riot/orgy in the end of Season 4/Episode 4.  Hair and Makeup ran a comb through my hair one time and said "Yeah, you look like a nerd."  Why fight it.  

Kimmy Schmidt final.jpg

Surprise, You're SAG - Eligible!

A very odd week last week culminated in me booking a job for ScaryMommy, the parenting blog, which had partnered with Verizon for a spot on the Verizon Hum, a new app from the telecom giant that allows your car to talk to your smartphone and run diagnostics, or something.  I don't really know much about cars.  What I do know is that the job went from non-union to SAG the day before shooting, and so I was Taft-Hartleyed as an On-Camera Principle and now am eligible for the union.  So, thanks Verizon! Can you hear me now?